'Your Flavourful Food Stories'

A new recipe book from Tilda to thank all those who made the company what it is today and to raise money for The Felix Project

'Your Flavourful Food Stories' Recipe Book


“We are so pleased to be Tilda’s charity partner of choice. Tilda was one of the first producers to respond to our request for food in the early days of The Felix Project and has doubled its donations this year to help us meet increased demand. The continuing generosity of Tilda contributes greatly to our ability to supply those charities we work with and we are touched and honoured to be the beneficiaries of the proceeds from the 50th anniversary recipe book, 'Your Flavourful Food Stories'. We wish you the best of luck for the next 50 years, although we like to think Felix will be redundant by then.”

Michael Millership, The Felix Project

"This has been my best selling dish for 25 years and it is my signature dish. My mother's recipe stems from her family's long term residence in Rajasthan, India, making this Dhaansaak very different to the typical Bombay version. She would make it for our Sunday lunch, and we could see the labour of love poured into it. The smells that the pureeing of lentils creates is etched in my memory and the aroma of the pot when the lid was lifted is something that I aim to achieve even now!"

Cyrus Todiwala, Contributing Chef

"My Chana Masala recipe is the thing I make when I need something fast and comforting that requires minimal thinking. A little therapeutic chopping, idle stirring and you have a tasty hot bowl of food in 20 minutes (with minimal tidying up). We all need these recipes up our sleeve whether it's been a tough day or 'just because' and I hope you love this one as much as I do. It's the most viewed recipe on my website, which I think is due to the fact it's made up of only a few key ingredients and can easily be adapted to fit what you have in your cupboards at home."

Lucy Parker, Contributing Influencer